Efficient Operations

We believe in building solutions that incorporate the combined experiences of our consultants and vendors. 

Currently, we have two product offerings, ENVUE and ENCLOUD.  Both leverage modern techniques and deliver rock-solid platform services for your business.

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Introducing ENVUE, a cloud-based machine-learning platform that takes simple inputs about your systems, applies relevant machine-learning models against streaming datasets, and delivers 24x7 intelligence about your environments.

If you are familiar with operations, you know ops teams spend most of their time fighting fires. The backlog of things your teams should be doing to make your business better grows by the day. It's a vicious cycle that ultimately costs your business money and increases the risk to your systems. To keep up, you either hire more staff, or tolerate increased risk due to things not getting done. 

What if you could leverage machine-learning to transform your operations team's ability to proactively understand your systems? Or even better, what if your systems self-heal themselves? With ENVUE they can.

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ENCLOUD is a hosting service that has all the features Fortune 50 companies use to run their business such as real-time security, high-availability, monitoring and alerting, and cost-effective performance management.

Acquiring the required skills to run your business' critical applications can be expensive, largely due to the amount of staff it takes to build and operate your technology foundation effectively. But there is a better way.

ENCLOUD is a turnkey service customized for your business' application needs, while minimizing the need for a fully staffed operations team.

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Enable your team to focus more on your business?